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BizWitcher provides an innovative, safe and reliable service of SME Mergers and Acquisitions. Increasing efficiency and liquidity to transactions while reducing costs and risks for all parties involved.

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Competitive Advantages

Diversity of M&A

BizWitcher creates different pages of business introduction according to each attribute of the asset and demand of the trading in order to cater to the customers’ needs.

Potential Buyers & Sellers Recommendation

Having trouble finding sellers or buyers? In addition to listing service, BizWitcher also recommend the potential buyers or sellers according to your business type and conditions

All-around M&A Consultants

BizWitcher cooperates with many third parties, like accounting firms, lawyer firms, patent agencies, and financial consultants, to help SMEs validate the financial statement, evaluate the business and sign contract, etc. during the whole M&A process.

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Business Listing

In order to guarantee the exchange reliability for both the seller and the buyers, you need to listing the ownership of your business before selling. BizWitcher will help evaluate and confirm the business before listing.

Business Selling

According to your business attribute and trading demand, you may choose your listing mode as Merger & Acquisition or Investment & Financing.

Information Security

All business data is tamper proof due to the blockchain technology

Escrow Service

To guarantee the safety of the capital transfer, after signing the contract, the money will be placed in BizWitcher’s escrow through trust advisory service. The capital transfer will be activated once the asset is successfully transferred.


Realtime Inquiry

Instant inquiry the status of business with the seller via social community, phone and email, etc. to inquiry about the status of asset.

Business Report

The Business information page provides detailed information disclosure to assist buyers quickly understand the status of the asset.

Information Security

Record the process of register, transfer, and distribute of asset ownership through the smart contracts.  

M&A Tutorial

Provide detailed tutorial for all kinds of M&A. Through these tutorials, everyone can quickly understand how to start a M&A and not be afraid of any losing.

Diversified Resources

Cooperate with many accounting and layer firms to help you during whole M&A process. They can give you the best support and advice.

Data Analysis

Semantics analysis and machine learning technology help quickly match buyers and sellers.


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